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This is usually the first port of call for new uers where they can get help with any problems or questions. It's also the chat channel for everyone. Our Admins are usually around to help and you will also find many of our users have a lot of experience in solving problems and answering questions about our channels and their use.  NEVER be afraid to ask a questrion and NEVER worry about looking silly - we were all  new users once and you can guarantee that any questions will have been asked many times before.
The chat can vary from silly and funny to more serious and can get quite intense sometimes and whilst we try to be as flexible as possible we don't allow drug related conversations and we suggest you choose your words carefully in any discussions on politics or religion as these can get quite heated and when this happens the admins will usually step in and suggest a change of topic.
We do have a few guidelines on what is and isn't acceptable in the chat channel and you can read them under the appropriate menu option in the Our IRC  Channels menu.
The basic thing to remember is that we are a family friendly channel and have on occasions had younger users visit. So please bear that in mind. We want anyone who visits our channels to feel safe and comfortable and the guidelines are based around this ideal. We treat ALL our users the same and will not allow any racist or discrimatory chat. The people who come here like movies - and that's the bottom line, their private lives are there own and it's up to the individual if they want to give out any personal information.
And always remember to be wary using IRC or any online chat - whilst our users are overall friendly, pleasant people they are all in effect 'text on a page' so if someone tells you they have 30 houses and a multi million dollar fortune and are 8 foot tall and amazingly handsome just remember - they might not be telling the whole truth!!!
Cetain IRC commands are not allowed in this channel - mainly because they won't do anything in it and are annoying.
   -- No use of colors
   -- No XDCC List, !list, or @find allowed
   -- Excessive use of CAPS will have you kicked from the channel - mainly because it's considered rude to use all CAPS.
   -- Course language will have you kicked from the channel
   -- No ads of any kind are allowed.
   -- We only support questions related to TMD channels and TMD files.
   -- We DO NOT offer help with files downloaded elsewhere, or questions about non-TMD channels.
These guidelines aren't really hard to follow and we do make allowances for the occasional slip. We always prefer to warn first before taking more drastic action.