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This was the original channel when TMD first started and is where users can download movies from TMD Servers or the XDCC Bots (Special faster servers). We encode the movies to make them as small as possible whilst trying to maintain acceptable quality. This was originally done to help the many users with slow internet connections, something that is no longer so common. However many of our users still prefer the smaller file sizes so we have continued to off this service.
Only movies released by us are served here to maintain consistancy and to enable users to continue downloading the same file from another server if the first  one gets disconnected.
To make sure things run as smoothly as possible in this channel we do have a few guidelines and these are posted below in case you want to have a look.
 This channel is where all the TMD movies are served.
 XDCC List is not allowed, however @find is fine to use here.
 Only file server ads are allowed, no request, annoucement, or notice ads please.