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We run our own music channel for users to listen to if they wish. Whenever possible we use a live DJ, either an Op or one of the users who are long term TMD servers. When no DJ is available the music is supplied by an automatic system.  We have a schedule for each day divided into slots and each of these is a specific type of music so over a period we cater for all musical tastes. Any TMD Server who is interested in being a DJ can apply if they are eligable.  More information on this can be found  by selecting the DJ Rules menu option.

Listener Rules

1. The !radio trigger only works for channel Operators so don't bother trying it. TMD-Musicbot displays the current stream every 10 minutes so wait it out or scroll up.
2. DJ applications will not be taken in channel, so don't bother msging the ops asking to DJ at that moment, come here and submit your application. We will respond to you on when we can.
3. Don't repeat or flood with !requests, if you receive the "Your reqeust has been Received" notice... we got it. There's no need to submit it again in 3 minutes.
4. A request is just that... a REQUEST. All request fills are done at the discretion of the onair DJ.
5. Please do not request music outside of that show's genre, they won't play it.