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Get Recruit

To download the TMD Recruit pack simply select the file  from the list below.
If you download the RAR file then you will need to have Winrar installed on yoiur system - you should also read the Readmefirst.txt contained in the RAR package.
Once installed go to the Help folder in the TMD-Recruit directory / folder and look at the First-Time-Start.txt file as it has useful information you will need.
When you first run Recruit you will be asked for a user name - an alt user name  and an email address.  Just pick a name you want as your IRC user name - In the alt box put the same user name with -AFK after it.  As far as the email is concerned - shove in anything in correct email format - e.g.: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Running Recruit will auto connect you to our channels and you can then ask for any more help you might need.
Finally - in the Help folder in the Recruit directory you'll find a lot of useful information which you can also get to by using the Help option in the Recruit screen.


If you would prefer to first come visit us withiout using the recruit package there is also a copy of mIRC already set up to connect to us available for download here. Once installed set up a nick and email as outlined above and connect. Once connected just type this in your status window in mIRC 
/join #TMD
Then our main chat help channel will open.


Please Select File To Download

Filename Size Date
A Compressed file TMD-Recruit.5.4.rar 70.94 MB 2016-09-15 21:57:20